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Alpha version 0.1.2 is out now with improved smartphone support!

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Full screen is highly reccomended for mobile devices

Alpha v0.1.2 - Released on 7/22/21
Added some general polish. For some reason deep down I feel like this update is sloppy but in testing in seems to work perfectly. Maybe I'm just used to coding on adderal and not opiods (thanks knee surgery) but idk something just feels off with this one. Updates are also probably gonna slow down from this point on. The mechanics are refined enough to me where I wanna start working on story mode so I probably won't update this version until thats done or some gross bugs pop up that I need to fix.

-Peepo’s damage decreased from 120 to 26
|-Peepo’s health increased from 40 to 75
|-Peepo now has a cool down when spawning in & after attacking

-Decreased gun reload time from 2.5 seconds to 1 second & damage from 12 to 8

-Dancing regenerates health slightly faster

-Health now regenerates while dance meter is active

-Total kills can now be seen on death screen

-Increased punch damage from 22 to 24

-Updated controls splash screen to look better

-Added controls to pause menu

-Updated controls UI on mobile to always show controls

Fixed Bugs:
-Punching now only hits enemy once and not multiple times

-Sound now plays on iPhone

-Footsteps are now a little more audible

Alpha v0.1.1 - Released on 7/20/21
A small update pushed out kinda fast. I jus found out that it's possible to play games on mobile so I wanted to implement touch controls ASAP. They are nowhere near perfect & are very rushed so I didn't get much time to test it so hopfully there aren't too many bugs, I didn't notice any in testing so thats a good sign i think.

-Added touch controls!

-Made it so arrow keys don't move the whole page

-Added sound effect when dance meter is full
|-Added particle effects when dance meter is active

-Changed damage of gun from 6 to 12

-Changed damage of Funky Kong n from 8 to 12

-Made health regenerate faster while dancing

-Made it so more enemies can spawn in after a certain amount of kills

Alpha v0.1.0 - Released on 7/19/21

-Game Released!

-Added "Endless" mode

-Added Dancing Baby
|-Added "Gun" attack
|-Added "Punch" attack
|-Added the ability to block
|-Added the ability to dance
||-Dancing slowly regenerates health
||-Dancing fills dance meter, when meter is activated it will triple all damage and give invincibility

-Added Funky Kong
|-Added "Knife" attack

-Added Peepo the Elf
|-Added "Ram" attack

-Added Fatty the Licking Lion (sprite made by monsterTUBExx)
|-Added "Bite" attack

Dancing slowly regenerates health & fills up the dance meter. When the dance meter is activated it will triple your damage and give you invincibility.

A simple punch, doing only 24 damage (72 when meter active)

Blocking prevents you from taking any damage!

Dancing baby has a fucking gun. A poor ranged attack that only does 8 damage (24 when meter active) and can be used once every second

Funky Kong Peepo the Elf Fatty the Licking Lion

Health: 100
Speed: 120
Attack: Knife
Damage: 12

Health: 75
Speed: 90
Attack: Ram
Damage: 26

Health: 125
Speed: 75
Attack: Biting
Damage: 22

Stuff I wanna add/change

-Make enemy spawning in endless better
-Better & more refined attacks/combat system
|-Give dancing meter a better purpose than triple damage & invincibility (maybe some sort of special move ?)
-Different maps for endless
-More swag
-Option to enable/disable touch controls (I don't have a touch screen laptop but i feel like this might b an issue for those devices ? idk if not it still might b nice to have :) )
-Maybe add more of a wave functionality to endless ?

-Story Mode
-Better looking/more animated sprites
(These two will take a while. I need to get decent at pixel art so I can make the maps/sprites, and who knows how long that will take :p)
Known bugs I wanna fix

-Game sometimes freezes when player is killed
-Game sometimes freezes when enemy spawns
-Volume sliders display very long decimals
-Peepo stops in place after killing the player
-Peepo AI acts strange when more than one peepo is on screen
-Volume sliders don't do anything on mobile
-Menu/option screens are a tad unreliable/buggy on mobile