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in June of 2021, I threw together the first iteration of this site in around a day, not having any purpose for it other than thinking about how cool it would be to have my own lil website
you can still see the first iteration here!

Skip forward to Janurary 2022 (new year new site baby woo yea!!!) and I put together the second iteration of this very site, which is what you are looking at rn!!

tbh I still don't know what the point of this site is, other than I think it’s cool to have my own lil website

(it is very cool btw)
it is so cool, in fact, that you should totally make your own site!

I don't really think that I'm important enough for me to have my own site, or that my opinions are good enough they deserve their own platform.

I just despise social media and how its an endless feedback loop of useless information.

and since it's seemingly impossible to get by in this day in age without any sort of digital presence I made this to compensate for my lack of social media

plus having your own personalized site where you can code in every lil detail and make it look exactly how you want is wayyy better than having another bland sterile profile that looks the same as everyone elses
if u r reading this delete all ur social media, go to neocities dot org & make ur own site, do it!!! (u dont even need to make ur own site if u dont want, u could jus delete all social media (: )

So yeah anyways, feel free to just kick back, relax, and start surfing around!

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