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Tiny Tools!

A cool lil directory full of various creative tools, great to browse when looking for motivation/inspiration!


Photoshop clone that runs in browser

Alternative To

Cool lil site where you can easily find alternatives to basically anything. I use this alot n it can be pretty useful!


There's a good chance you know what this is, because it's what I made my site with/what it's hosted on! It truly is great lil platform where you can browse various random web pages and make your own!(BTW, if u havent yet, you should 100% make ur own site here!!! html is kinda self explanitory and coding your own site isn't too hard, so make one!!! do it!!!!)

W3 Schools

An amazing online resource for learning HTMl and what each element does/how to use them. This website was a massive help for me when I made the site ur on rn! (they do have more coding languages than just HTML, that's just the only thing I've used this site for :p)

Free Backgrounds

Neat little site with around 1,000 different tileable photos you could use for the background for your own website! I used one of the backgrounds from here on my old site!