7:11 PM 4/8/22
Due to horribly ironic personal reasons which I will be explaining at a later date, i wont b workin on this site that much on anymore. this doesnt mean im discontinuin the site entirley or anythin im jus not gonna add anything too major or exert too much effort into the site for now. also i like how the last lil thing i scribbled out here was talkin abt how i never work on the site but i promise u this is not related to that at all and there is a genuine reason for this that i will explain soon (a few months, give or take?) Good Night America!

10:34 AM 3/20/22
here's the current cycle my site lives in: I force myself to work on it, then I love the additions I made and start to think of even more ambitious ideas, then I get scared from all the work itd take to make those ideas a reality, then i avoid it for 1-2 months because I hate the state it's in & then repeat

10:26 AM 3/20/22
for like the last month I've just let my site live in complete neglect. ive decided that I don't like all the ideas i had for the lounge page so its just gonna sit there as a stain on this site for even longer. maybe one day ill be truly satisfied w my site but as it stands i have too much ambition and too little motivation to work on the site 😪. coming up on the one year anniversary of this site in like 2.5 months too which is kinda scary

1:07 PM 1/28/22
Okay, so after having updated to the new layout almost 2 weeks ago i've finally actually made this page so it doesnt jus link to a 404 error. still a few things i need to iron out but here we are yahoo!