the world of seth

Hey! Welcome to my swag ass site!

WTF is this site?
It's my home page! Hi, I'm seth & you've just stumbled upon my own personal lil web page! I uninstalled all social media and stopped having any true online/digital presence, so this is my solution to that. On here I share random shit for the world wide web to see. None of it really matters, but at the end of the day does anything really? It's all jus for fun! So come on by, check out some random stuff n start chillin on the web :D

I also don't have any real plan or goal for the site. I kinda just wanna update it and add more n more stuffs as time goes on n rlly make this lil world of mine a real swaggy place to hang out at from time to time. I jus made the site a lil over a month ago too so there is no where near as much stuff on here as I want there 2be. It's always gnna be a lil work in progress and ill always try to make a lil effort to add new things to keep it fresh, keep it new, keep it intresting & most importantly keep it swag!

look at this funky baby go!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Major site overhaul coming "soon"!

cool lil board to keep any of you web surfers updated w whats goin in my world !

if u wanna contact me for any reason, u can email me here :D

if for som reason u wanna see what music i'm listening to here's my

idk what the point of this lol i got the idea for a board here but idk what to put on it so here's a change log ????

Site change log

11/11/2021- dancing baby: the gif: the game: for the sony playstation portable released
8/30/2021- added the links & video pages
7/19/2021- first alpha version of dancing baby: the gif: the game released
6/21/2021- added the board & guestbook
6/14/2021- made site more responsive for all screen sizes
6/13/2021- initial site "launched"

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